Sigginstown Castle

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We've already started playing music here...

The castle is not grand or comfortable yet, but we are pleased to hear music in the ruins once again.

The castle is remembered by locals as being the site of the village band practice. We guess they played under cover when more of the roof existed or in the vault of the tower.

Gordon sings traditional Irish ballads, American folk/rock, classical and opera. So far we have only subjected the castle to the first type!  Liz accompanies Gordon on vocals and is an intermediate fiddle player stubbornly adding tunes to her repertoire.  She used to play classical violin, so we could envision a Carolan's Draught night of Baroque and renaissance music if others were interested.

We would like to host a trad night during the week or impromptu sessions when we are there

We love going to trad sessions and learning traditional music, We hope that the castle can host many wonderful evenings of song and dance!