Sigginstown Castle

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We held our first Heritage Week events  in August  2017!

When we bought the castle we had always planned to host small workshops and living history events. As part of our funding from the Heritage Council we hosted several this year!

We were pleased with the turn out - about 30 people showed up for each event, which was manageable for us.

Thanks to our local neighbor Richard Sr. for letting us use his adjacent field for parking!

A clay oven workshop:  we practiced two in CT first, and then made two more in Tacumshane  out of local marl from the field next door. 

They take about a week to dry. We made one with a sand form and one with a basket form. We had a lot of fun on a slightly rainy day getting muddy and meeting new friends!

The  History Hunt used clues from a map, book excerpts, & internet to explore 5 outdoor sites in Tacumshane including: Sigginstown Castle, Tacumshane Windmill, St. Catherine's Church, Tacumshane Lake and the Rostonstown seashore. Thanks to Meyler's Bar for helping promote the hunt an providing a 10% discount for completed maps!

Bake in an outdoor clay oven built earlier in the week and hearth using dutch ovens

The ovens were not quite dry but we had a grand time getting them going and waiting for the gingerbread. Lots of help with the fire, baking bread, making onion sops, and roasted some fantastic Irish beef!

Our first official music session - 100 years ago, the village band practiced in the ruin - we started that tradition again! 

We had some repeat friends from the earlier events one the week, some neighbors and totally new folk. Participation on accordion, bodhran, fiddles, concertina, voice and poetry.  The children were enchanted with our inflatable solar lights!