Sigginstown Castle

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We had a great time at our 2018 Heritage Week events!

Clay Oven

We built another outdoor clay oven - bigger and better after the March storm!

This was in conjunction with EBUKI, and a preliminary event to Clayfest which was held at the Irish National Heritage Park September 24-29 (and was an awesome amount of fun!)

At the same time we also cooked over fire and played with a variety of recipes. 

Hearth Cooking

Our first event offsite when we did a demonstration of hearth cooking using dutch ovens and other period techniques.  At the  Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford 

Families & Flags, History & Heraldry Tour

We welcomed a few Siggins and Wilson descendants and other visitors to learn about Sigginstown Castle in the context of history and heraldry! The had been researching the various families so we could create flags and banners to fly. We went through the three buildings as related to the families that built them, discussed the archeology of the site, and explained both the family heraldry and how we merged them into a standard for the castle.

Mumming Play

Time Warp! We recreated a short mumming play as it might have been in 1510 at the castle. We wore masks, made rough costumes, and created a script from existing later versions. We performed  before a small audience and then gave an encore performance before a few more! This event was a lot of fun and adults and children alike had a great time with very impromptu theatre!

Mumming plays were common in the middle ages across Europe, and many scripts with the same characters and themes exist. The play was short (probably under 10 min). Here is a similar Wexford 1823 version ( A lot of ham acting and drama!

Music Session 

We performed our mumming play & then had a music session. It was great that some of our mummers played instruments, and we had some local folks come and join in. It was clod cold cold so we sheltered mostly in the tent!

We did do a few Carolan tunes but will have to develop this idea of pre-1800 music more in future events. It is also fun to bring the American tradition of campfire s'mores to Ireland! The Hershey bars stay okay, but leaving graham crackers in the tower just results in slightly soggy ones!