Sigginstown Castle

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Announcing Our Student Design Contest Winners!

Margaux Duroussay

Margaux submitted a PDF copy of her designs so several of the items are shown as JPG below, but not all - See the PDF brief here. 

Here is the PDF of all of her models

Margaux Duroussay tied for First Place with 167 points

She created a courtyard and a more intimate effect with an additional building.


She also submitted a design proposal - read it here.

Margaux created a video of her model which  was a great way to understand her intent! Watch it below!

About Margaux:

 I come from the East of France, between the city of Lyon and the border of Swtzerland. I grew up in a small village of winemakers. But since 2 years I have left that village to go to Paris and study in the National Architecture School of Marne-la-Vallée. This year I am doing an Erasmus Exchange into the Waterford Institute of Technology. During my free time I like to swim, be with my freinds and play music. I play the bass guitar since 6 years. 

I can not really remember when and why I decided to study architecture... The only thing I know is that since I am 3 I tell to my family and my friends that I would like to become an architect. It is like the goal of my life. Now I can say that I would like to became an environmentally friendly architect, with a research on new materials and I would love to become professional in the field of heritage and its transformation. 

The favorite part of my submission was the centrality I have created into the ruins of the existing structure. This courtyard in the center of the project creates a dialogue between the new building that I introduce with my intervention and the Old building of the Sigginstown Castle. This exterior space was a meeting area for clients, shoemakers and inhabitants of the tower.