Sigginstown Castle

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Sean Ua Meadra - Artist from New Zealand!

Our gorgeous new oil painting done by Sean U Meadhra has arrived from New Zealand!

Sean contacted us a few months ago via email. He paints Irish castles as a hobby and wanted to paint Sigginstown.

How could we resist?

This painting is only about 10 x 20 inches.  

We used the image he sent us as the graphic for our Heritage week events.

The poster image is actually bigger than the original and shows the amazing detail Sean has managed to create! 

Sean Ua Meadhra

Born in the UK, but now living in Wellington, NZ. He spent a considerable amount of time with the British Army of the Rhein. His family resided for over 40 years in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

His father's side of the family are from Kilmaganny, County Kilkenny

Sean is now retired and painting in oil, mostly of heritage buildings.

He is interested in painting Lingstown Castle next - does anyone have more photos?

Are you interested in helping with this project?

To get on our project you need to have passion, ideas and community spirit!

We are interested in people and artists who have traditional skills and would like to contribute to the castle's restoration. 

We would like to make the tower as historically accurate to a mid 16th century style. We would like to recreate furniture, doors, windows, ironware, wall hangings, and art if people would like to help us. We can pay reasonable cost for materials for projects like these, and hope in the future we can also provide accommodation while a project is in progress.

If you are interested in seeing your work and energy live on in a tower, please contact us!