Sigginstown Castle

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This is the story of how one photo can change your life. During the time we were looking at castles, we had seen Sigginstown for sale. When we contacted the auctioneer we were told we could not visit it, as there was an offer pending.  We did some hunting on the internet and came up with the photo below - it hardly looked like the same place as in the ad, because the orientation was so different, and the image was so gorgeously romantic!  Liz kept it on her cell phone for three years, and would look at it from time to time (wistfully). When we actually got to buy it in 2016, we contacted Michael and learned that he was very local, living in Tacumshane.  He allowed us to use the photo for our first announcement. Since then we have become good friends!

Michael Carroll

Born in the area and living in Tacumshane, Michael is related to many of the people who lived in the castle over the years. As a boy he played in the castle along with the others in the neighborhood (hard to keep them out, we understand!). Here are some more of his beautiful photos...

Michael is a talented stone-mason who loves heritage buildings, and is frequently out with his camera.  He has taken us to several other castle and medieval sites

 We were honored to have Michael use his masonry skills to help us open up the sealed door in the tower so we could get in safely.