Sigginstown Castle

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Archeology - Stafford McLoughlin

We had learned a lot from our three earlier sessions with archeology: the November 16 session, our geophysical survey, and the tower dating project. We had submitted for planning permissions in January 2018 and we had received a Request for Further Information, with additional needed archeology. 

In May 2018 Liz  was onsite for two of the three days when did many more test trenches in the fields for the septic, utility trenches, proposed new driveway, and agricultural building. The day was quite hot and some sunburn happened!  Ollie ran the diggers (large and small) under the careful supervision of Catherine. It was great to have Colum back on site also!

The results confirmed a lot of what was suspected: the tower and house date from later periods, but the site has been used in earlier centuries, including the 13th and 14th centuries, as resulting from pottery found in the field (where we will install the septic). The geophysical survey had suggested this with various lines suggesting ditches. 

The summary report can be found here: this was submitted as part of the RFI documentation in August 2018.