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Send a Missive! These note cards are perfect to keep in touch with your friends and family. Each card has a monochrome sketch , and you can color them in if you wish for a more decorative effect. Printed on a beige light parchment cardstock with a short description of each image on the back. Each set contains five notecards and comes with five brown envelopes (self-seal). There are four different sets to choose from: Sea, Nature, Creatures, People (including angels).  All  sketches were used by Veda Crewe for the wall paintings at Sigginstown Castle.

Note Cards

  • This product has been specifically designed to reflect the old style of sketches like a scribe might have done for a medieval manuscript. They are quarter-size (A2) folded notecards with brown Kraft envelopes.

    People contains images from the lower hearth room, inspired from Crathes Castle women and DeBurgo men, and includes two angels.

    Sea contains images from the upper hearth room, inspired by 16-17th century maps with sea creatures and ships.

    Nature contains creatures from all tower rooms, with some natural scenes.

    Creatures contains a mix of mythical/magical creatures from different tower rooms

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