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Bring on your medieval illuminator! Like a coloring book, but not quite. The folio is in separate pages (not bound), and each image is line-drawn so you can color it in, and add your own detail. Each folio set contains 17-18 images printed on gold 24lb parchment-type paper with a description of each image on the back. There are four different folio sets to choose from: Women & Warriors, Agricultural Calendar, Maritime, or Creatures & Angels. All  sketches were used by Veda Crewe for the wall paintings at Sigginstown Castle.

Sigginstown Castle Manuscript

  • This product has been specifically designed to reflect the old style of sketches like a scribe might have done for a medieval manuscript.  It is not a modern digitized coloring book. The outline and sketch is there - it is up to you to decide on patterns, doodles, colors to surround and fill in the images. The sketches were done for our irregular walls, so the shapes don't always match a rectangular shape - so use your imagination and fill in some more color! Each description tells you about the image and often suggests what to practice or how to fill in the blank space.

    Women & Warriors contains images from the lower hearth room, inspired from Crathes Castle women and DeBurgo men.

    Maritime containes images from the upper hearth room, inspired by 16-17th century maps with sea monsters, ships, natural scenes and lots of magical creaturs

    The Agricultural Calendar contains all 12 Labours of the Months, inspired by  a 14th century German manuscript, and in the lower hearth room. Also included are 4 astrological sketches used for banners in the top room (before it was painted)

    Angels and Creatures contain a mix of different tower rooms, and have a lot of magical and natural creatures, as well as angels.

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