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Siggy the Dragon is resting on Cloud Nine in this generously sized tea cozy.  The cozy will fit over large teapots. We tested it on an 8-cup Brown Betty teapot and it will probably fit larger ones too! The image is digitally printed on lightweight cotton twill, and filled with washed local sheep's wool. The cozy measures approximately 11" high x 16" wide or 28 cm x 41 cm. It is lined with a dark brown cotton (to avoid tea  stains being so evident!))  and has a brown cotton edging. We recommend spot-washing.

Siggy on Cloud Nine Tea Cozy

  • This item started off  as Gordon needing a tea cozy for Ireland. We have a large one in the USA of the same shape that came from India, and it seemed a great model for the large pots of tea he likes to make. So Siggy the Dragon was redrawn by artist Veda Crewe, to feature on this shape, and also now offered as a cushion. He is normally seen climbing  the lower Hearth in the the Tower. The background is the handpainted wall and clouds in the tower Air and Sky room. Siggy looks quite happy on Cloud Nine!  Siggy only likes natural things, so in his belly is 100% Irish sheep wool from our neighbor's flock. Wool has been a key fabric in history and Irish trade for centuries, and sadly farmers have to pay more to dispose of the wool than to sell it in modern times. We are doing our part to cherish this natural fiber,  so are happy to wash it and stuff our own tea cozies and cushions with it!

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