Sigginstown Castle

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Sigginstown Castle in the News


In the News: We are proud to be featured in The View, an inspirational e-magazine published by Munster Joinery.

We have used their windows and doors in the Tower (the big glazed windows at the top), in our New Build, and a variety of windows and doors in the Big House.  They did a nice job covering our story in their magazine and some really spiffy photos!  Read the article here

In May 2022 RTE One aired the television Show: The Great House Revival about the renovation of Sigginstown Castle from 2019 to 2022. They filmed over 14 days and had tons of material!  We had a great time with the Animo crew, host Hugh Wallace and Maya Derrington. In Ireland you can see the show periodically on the RTE Player.

RTE One (Download the RTE Player or see on website in Ireland). Filmed by Animo TV over the last 3 years!

The Great House Revival, Season 3, Episode 6: Sigginstown Castle (Our Renovation Story)

Sun Article about the show

Irish Examiner Article about the show

For viewers outside of Ireland, the series can be seen on Hulu, or contact us for a link.


Read our 2019 Newsletter

For our 2019 Christmas Card, Liz took this photo on the day our Tower Roof was installed in August 2019 - it was a symbolic and practical milestone, and we like how the ivy cuts across the tower and house.  We are VERY grateful for all of the people who helped us this year, the luck that we have had with weather and challenging new activities, and life in general!  We have not been able to include all the people and companies by name, so we hope to rectify that on our website recap.

The Customs of an Irish County, Harper's Magazine June 1915

This gem of a photo turned up in August 2019 on our Facebook page courtesy of Tomas Hayes!  The photo was in an article from the June 1915 issue of Harper's Magazine. The article details customs of Wexford and was written by Maude Radford Warren. No specific reference is made to our castle, but we are honored it was chosen by the author and would love to know why!

The photo was not found before because it is entitled "Sagginstown Castle by the Sea" and we had not though of searching for this particular spelling.  The photo is fascinating because it is the oldest photo we have seen, with an intact house roof and dormers! The crenellations on the tower can also be seen standing taller and somewhat eroded. There are two male figures standing to the left of the tower, and the square robbed window in the tower has not been robbed yet! Still, the castle does have an air of dilapidation about it and the agricultural building to the right has no roof on it. 

The other very interesting thing about this article and photo is that is disrupts our photo timeline for the castle. Previously the oldest photo we had seen we thought was dated 1909, but now seems probably later. That photo has the roof falling in, so cannot have been before the Harper's one if it s taken in 1915. Our quests for early photos and drawings continues - we would especially like to see the castle from the other side...

Read our 2018 Newsletter 

The newsletter accompanied our Christmas Card featuring Yvonne Nolan's wonderful photo of the castle in the snow.  This was during the "Beast from the East" which hit Ireland in March 2018. Instead of plowing fields they were digging out of ten foot drifts! Yvonne trekked out and sent us the photo which we knew had to be featured on the next holiday card!

Wexford People

November 6 2018

A short article about our grant of Planning Permissions!  

Waterbury Republican

September 25 2017

The first U.S. based story about our castle purchase, prior to the TV episode filming

Thanks to Bill Bittar of the Waterbury Republican for interviewing us over the weekend on his time off!  One photo is from Joel Wald of the Southbury Film Commission

Castle Studies Group Bulletin

September 2017

An update on the castle as we have become new members last year.

The Castle Studies Group generously provided a grant from their Small Projects Fund to help us date the wicker in the tower!

Thanks to Therron for posting!

Wexford People

June 20 2017

A follow-up article on the Student Design Contest and our collaboration with the Waterford Institute of Technology...

Thanks to David 

Michael Carroll's photos were featured and our son, Ian, wrote the original draft version

RIAI Architecture Ireland

February 2017

Article about the Waterford Institute of Technology Student Design Contest Winners

Go Adam, Margaux and Daniel!

Thanks to Garry Miley for posting this!

Irish Examiner

November 26 2016

An article about our journey to buy the castle and the Student Design Contest

Thanks to Caroline Delaney for interviewing us and publishing the article. Michael Carroll's photos were featured.

Wexford People

October 11 2016

An article about our journey to buy the castle and the Student Design Contest

Thanks to David Tucker for doing the interview and helping to advertise our contest!

Wexford Independent

June 2015

On an internet search before our October 2015 trip Liz sees that the castle is back on the market!  She inquires again to Keane Auctioneers and (hurrah!) hears that it is indeed for sale again. 

We arrange Gordon's birthday trip to Ireland with a two day visit to Wexford and stay at Killiane Castle nearby. Everyone is charming and we fall in love with the property and Wexford.

The rest, as they say, is history....

Wexford Independent

February 6 2015 

Three beautiful Irish Castles with huge restoration potential...

We agree!!

The Journal - Daily Gaff

"7 castles that cost less than a two-bed gaff in Dublin"

May 10 2014

Around this time we were looking at castles in Galway and Cork. We saw Sigginstown castle for sale and researched it a bit.  We contacted the auctioneers but were told there was already an offer on it and we could not see it. Alas!!!