Sigginstown Castle

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We are always interested in people and artists who have traditional skills and would like to contribute to the castle's restoration. 

As we work on the building there will be a variety of skills needed and hopefully an opportunity for people to learn. We would like to invite teachers to demonstrate and share their skills with others. We can pay reasonable cost for materials, and potentially instructor fees.  If you have an idea for a workshop, or would like to see your work in a castle please contact us! 

William Street contacted us through a friend.  He has been doing lovely silk screens of brass rubbings for decades and offered to give us a few for the castle if we were interested.  Wow - of course we were interested!

Interestingly, we had a large brass rubbing Liz's father had given her years before. It stands in our hallway in the US, and we had started thinking that one day he would go over to Ireland to a more suitable home. 

 The text on the bottom says "Sir Roger de Bures 1302", so we have called him "Sir Roger" all these years. He is a bit battered and worn, but we like him all the same!  

William told us that the rubbing was incorrectly named and dated. Our knight's correct name is Sir Robert de Bures.

William's website has a lot of fascinating information on it, and now we know that Sir Robert de Bures's brass is at the Church of All Saints in Acton.

William has generously sent us four lovely silk screens that will one day hang in the castle - probably in the tower, but possibly in the house. 

They are gorgeous and the photos don't really do them justice. For now they are safely stored...