Sigginstown Castle

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The project will have several phases. We have just completed the Purchase phase and are currently in Planning. 

Phase 1: Purchase

We started the purchase process after a very cold January trip in 2016 to see the tower. The purchase was completed in late May 2016 and went fairly smoothly. If you are interested in learning how to purchase a historic property in Ireland, read more here.

Phase 2: Planning

We are currently working in Phase II - This involves drawings of the renovated structure and  getting permission from various Irish authorities to renovate. This will require quite a bit of time, archaeology, conservation advice and a lot of patience. The local Wexford Planning office has been very supportive and is interested in seeing the project succeed, as the castle is on an historical tourist route they are trying to promote.

Phase 3: Construction

When we eventually get the planning permission we will then enter the construction phase which could take several years. It will be constrained by weather/seasons, our ability to live in Ireland for < 6 months of the year for tax reasons, and cash flow. The plan is for Gordon to go over there for the spring through fall seasons and be onsite for construction. He looks forward to passionate conversations with contractors and municipal officials, and playing music in pubs. Liz gets to stay in the States and bring home a paycheck, plus provide remote project management. That's our plan right now.