Sigginstown Castle

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Archeology - Stafford McLoughlin

There appear to be two schools of thought regarding archeology, which we are now learning about with the help of Stafford McLoughlin Archeology.

A) Do some preliminary testing to determine if there is anything of interest before creating renovation plans or

B) Create renovation plans and then do testing based on the plan

Since we decided to wait until we received input from the Student Design Contest, we decided to pursue option A, and do some preliminary testing. Originally we wanted a larger set of tests done because we intended to rebuild in all three areas (tower, house and agricultural building). However, we were advised to scale back until we knew the limits of the buildings and associated changes - thus avoiding unnecessary digging.

In November 2016 we were onsite when Catherine and Colm measured out six test pits. Two in the tower (above and below vault), two in the house, and two outside the house