Sigginstown Castle

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Traditional Skills 

Coming up for Heritage Week 2018 on Sunday August 19th from 11-4 pm

As part of the EBUKI series of clay events leading up to Clayfest:  A repeat of our mud oven event, as the Beast from the East storm in March has killed our mud ovens from last summer.

This time we will rebuild one bigger and mightier! Although perhaps not permanent.  The clay won't be dry enough to cook in the week (unless there is a heat wave), but during Clayiest perhaps we  can give them a go!

Join us for EBUKI Clayfest 

Irish National Heritage Park

September 24 -29 2018

and play in the mud!

We are interested in learning different skills on our project and also using the castle as a learning environment for others.

If you are interested in teaching a workshop on any of these methods and potentially using Sigginstown as a site, please contact us!

Lime Mortar

Pointing and Rendering: 

Much of the tower is in good condition, but there are large areas where repointing will be necessary.

Render is intact in much of the tower interior - towards the upper levels more work needs to be done.

We would like to learn how to point using traditional lime techniques, and then decide how much render to do.  Many of the areas can be cleaned and simply whitewashed once the building is dry.

Cob and Wicker

We know that at least one of the walls of the agricultural building was made of mud. Not much remains of that gable end, but we are interested in learning to do cob and possibly rebuilding some of that in that manner.  In addition to the castle wall, there was a cob cottage next door to the Marle pond, and probably one other one on the property. 

Wicker was used extensively in the tower to create the vault and embrasure arches. We would like to recreate at least one wicker arch in the agricultural building, maybe an entrance, using this ancient and practical method.