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who are we? A little info.

We're Gordon & Liz Jones - owners of the castle.  We have been participating in medieval re-enactment for over thirty years, primarily as part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). We joined in Germany and got to have events in castles, which led to a life-long interest, and eventually has led us to purchasing this amazing historical site in the sunny south-east of Ireland!  Our children, Morgan and Ian,  and have suffered through many events and historical tours as part of their parent's interest in history and "old stuff".


We  also live in Connecticut, where we participate many historical, music and Irish cultural events. Gordon is a musician and also a previously worked as a CAD technician and volunteer Emergency Medical Technician. Liz worked as a global project manager. Our current focus is tourism and making Sigginstown Castle a successful and interesting historical site to visit. 

We bought the castle in 2016 after several years of looking, and since 2019 have been working on renovations. You can see a lot of this history on Facebook and eventually some of that will be back on this new website!

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