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Some Really Cool Projects

We always wanted Sigginstown Castle to be a platform for all sorts of interesting projects. Since our purchase in 2016, we've worked with many people to recreate historical designs and techniques used in the castle. Each project had a ton of work and research, and the highlights are posted here. If you want to know more, contact us!

Lower Hearth Progress Veda Surveys_edite

Power and Land:

How we researched and painted the amazingly colorful 2nd floor room in the tower with historical patterns and images. This room is intense! People say it is for eating and drinking, and we agree.  Learn More...


The next floor up  in the tower is tranquil and calm. Learn how we researched and painted the sea-themed 3rd floor room with historical patterns. This room reflects the South Wexford Coast and ancient maps. Learn More...

Upper Hearth Progress Liz Funny_edited.j
Top Room Bat and Moon

Air & Sky:

The top of the tower mimics the blue sky shining in the windows with mythical and real creatures of the sky. How we researched and painted it. Learn More...

From the Ground Up:

Making Replica Tiles in a Medieval Manner

We dreamed of making tiles from the local dug clay at Sigginstown although we had never done it before. Several years and many people later, we had moderate success and learned alot!

Lower Hearth Room Tiles_edited.jpg
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