Sigginstown Castle

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Phase Three: Construction

Having received Planning Permissions in October 2018, we are officially now in the construction phase. Initially we "optimistically hoping to begin construction in summer of 2017".  We started in February 2019, so that shows how long these projects take!

We expect construction to occur over several years, and be mainly done in the "good weather" months.

Our primary focus is the attached house as that will our living area.  We will start by building out the new area on the back so we have a place to roughly reside instead of renting.

A basic septic, water and electric hookup will also be needed for construction purposes and also so we can stay on the property

New Build Area

Contains  Master Bedroom & Bathroom with two bedrooms and a bathroom above. Initially we will have a temporary kitchen so we can live in it while we work on the main house. See more here...


The Tower is a Great Distraction! Although we do not intend to live in it, we want to protect it from the weather and be able to use it for activities in the future.

Our initial efforts are around safety and access to the top in order to install a roof.

See more here...


Septic Installation, Well Drilling and Drainage